Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bathroom Addition Is Done

Finally!! Our bathroom is done! The shower and sink has running water, the toilet flushes, the lights turn on, the heater is working, the fan is blowing, towels are hung... I'm thrilled!

We have had three workmen in our home since mid November and what a relief it is to wake up and find that they are no longer here. They were awesome guys, handy as ever, but it was getting to be a little much. At first I'd awake long before they got here to shower, dress and put on makeup, but after a few weeks of this, I decided that they could just see me as my husband does each morning... saggy eyes, frizzy hair and raspy voice... no need to get all gussied up for these bloats, they'd just have to make due with whatever condition I was in from one morning to the next. Needless to say, they adjusted rather effortlessly to my scraggly faded, blue robe and bright, grapefruit colored night shirt just fine. There were no second glances or awkward smiles, only, "Morn'n, Maya." Then down to the basement they went only to pop up every now and again to say, "We're gonna have to shut the water off for... say, a few hours." Music to my ears right? NOT. That only meant I'd be in said faded, blue robe and grapefruit, night shirt for the rest of the day... Jon just loved that I'm sure!

Now that we're done with bathroom addition, it's time to move on, eventually, to other projects around the house. We still need to buy furniture for our TV room as we gave the old furniture away to one of the handymen {we were going to throw it away and he very kindly offered to take it off our hands}. We now have an empty TV room to fill. Tomorrow Carpet Cleaner is coming to knock out those coffee, soda and buttered popcorn stains before we can order new furniture. It's all coming together my friends, it's all coming together.

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