Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Still Renovating....

Why we decided to take on a home renovation project during the holiday season is beyond me. We must have been  naive to think it would have been done by Christmas. Well, Christmas came and went, then we were told that it would be done by New Year's... not so much. Despite the lengthy time it appears to be taking to get the job done, we know that Handyman has been working like mad -- he and his crew of two other guys -- and so I'm content wih the progress thus far. There were plumbing issues that slowed Handyman's productivity considerably and now I'm happy to report that those plumbing issues are far behind us. Now, it's all finish work from here. Handyman, please don't make me eat my words.

So without further adieu, here is where our renovation stands tonight:

This the laundry room. The tile work and painting is done and now a transition strip needs to be installed where the rug meets the tile. A bi-fold door will also be installed.

There's the new stylish in-wall ironing board I told you about. In the far background you can make out the door that will go over it. It'll be stealth you see. Oh, looky here, what is this? An ironing board? Modern scientist have thought of everything.

It swivels from side to side. Snazzy

Here's the first look at what will be our bathroom. That's the start of our shower stall.

The vanity will go between the shower and the throne. That little contraption you see there, tucked away in the recess of the wall, is the macerating part of the toilet. Yes, you heard me correctly -- macerate. Through this process we've learned more than we've ever cared to know about toilets. Turns out that stuff really does need to roll down hill, and when there is no hill, you get yourself a macerating toilet... and that's all I'm going to say about that. Moving on...

Way in the background there, behind the hideous black chair, is the rest of the toilet. The vanity is sitting right next to the column. I can't wait to find these pieces, installed, in the bathroom. I can't wait!!!

Handyman even hung our TV on the wall. Now if this renovation can just be done already, I'll actually be able to sit and watch all the shows I've DVR'd.

Anyways, that's where we are tonight with our bathroom/laundry room. Hopefully by this weekend, I'll have the finished project to share with you. Cross your fingers and toes for me please.

And if you're interested in seeing how this space used to look, you can go {here} and {here}.


  1. Nice, it is coming along... TV looks great!

  2. Lots of mash in the your home.I personally think while doing home renovation and these things are common when start your home renovation.Hope your renovate as early as possible..