Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am not kidding when I say that I feel like my girl’s birthdays come sooner each year. It was only yesterday, it seems, that my littlest child was turning four, now she’s turning FIVE. She’s a fiery five full of curiosities that thank goodness for Bing, YouTube and Wikipedia, I’ve been able to look somewhat intelligent in answering her questions. Yesterday on our way to gymnastics she asked, “Mommy, can people adopt old people?” To save myself from embarrassment I won’t even share with you how I answered that question. However, I will tell you that it left me in a quandary that I’m fairly positive will come back to haunt me someday soon.

My littlest one can also sometimes be the loudest one. If there was a holler’n contest I bet Alex would win hands down. I tend to tread lightly around her knowing full well that if she gets upset she’ll lay into hollering so loudly turning my fragile nerves into me wanting to crumple into a corner with nothing but a soft pillow over my ears. And on the flip side, she’s been quite the songstress lately belting out pop songs and other tunes that come to mind. She’s even started holding her hand up to her mouth pretending to hold a microphone. It really is a treat to see... once... the second, third and fourth time, not so much. I know as a mommy I shouldn’t say that, but I said it because it’s true.

To that end, I think Alex has been singing loudly and annoyingly lately because 1) she’s excited about her birthday and 2) she’s anxious about turning five and starting kindergarten in the fall. At least these are the reasons why I think she’s behaving like a rascal. Just last night she screamed and cried and made a big fuss about having a story at bedtime. Please understand that we are more than happy to read bedtime stories but in this case, each time we tried to read to her she interrupted with loud outbursts or talked over us or did other things that led us to believe she wasn’t interested. When we finally put our foot down and said, “No stories tonight, off to bed you go.” She lost it and went into the biggest rascally hissy fit ever.

This morning, after having had a nice long rest, she awoke cheerier. She’s counting down the days until she turns five on Monday, May 2nd, and also counting down the days until her birthday party on Saturday, April 30th. She’s conveniently named each day her real birthday and her fake birthday which I must tell you has been a topic I wish only to refrain from talking about. Each time we mention something relating to her birthday she says, “Now are you talking about my real birthday, or my fake birthday?” Even before we landed on a birthday venue and were still in the planning stages, she would tell me, “On my sixth birthday I want to go to Jump Planet. On my seventh birthday I want a magician. On my....” It went on and on, and I could feel my blood boiling just a little bit. I kept trying over and over again and our conversation went like this:
“But sweetie, what do you want for THIS birthday?”
“You mean my real birthday, or my fake birthday?” She’d ask very seriously.
To which I would say, “Your fake birthday.”
“Well on my sixth birthday I wan to go to jump planet.” and she’d start all over again outlining what she wants for future birthdays.

We finally landed on a venue and now that part is out of the way. Now I’m struggling with whether or not I should bake the birthday cake. I have never purchased a cake for either of my girls. But, lately I’ve been so busy with work and other projects that I’m afraid I may not have time to make one. YIKES. I’ve got a few days to think about this so hopefully my decision will come to me quickly. 


  1. If I were a betting woman, I would bet that you will end up making that cake. You are really amazing that way! Happy Birthday to your baby! Welcome Alex to the fun FIVES!

  2. Thank you, Shelly.

    Katrina, I started on the cake yesterday. Oy vey!! What have I gotten myself into.